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Say Hello to Captain & Kit

Isn’t it frustrating when the invite says ‘smart casual’? I mean, what does that even mean? And what should you wear without looking too contrived?

Introducing Captain & Kit: a high fashion yet accessible range which is your new ‘smart casual’ saviour!

You’ll find no cheap, mass-produced imported garments here - every item is locally made and in limited quantities which means a unique piece that’s fantastic quality, yet at prices which are still attainable - no maxing out one month’s salary on one outfit!

Want to see the brand up close? Keep your eye on the website schedule and head to the local markets in Newcastle and Sydney once a month - you can try on the garments and get a feel for them before you buy.

And if you REALLY want to stay in touch (let’s do it!) then follow us on our social media handles below!


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